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We are official UK Suppliers for STA Impiantia and TOSTOIO coffee roasting machines.

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STA Impianti

Thanks to a never ending search for unique and exclusive solutions, STA IMPIANTI has always been able to offer machines and plants which are innovative, extremely reliable and built in accordance to all the ergonomic and functionality requirements developed on the basis of the most robust and qualified experience and testing in the industry, as well as boasting low environmental impact and high energy savings.


STA Impianti THOR FKT Coffee Roasting Machine
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Tosto-io - Roast-It

Modern and simple to use. ‘Futura’ is our engineering innovation designed for artisan cafés, designed to enhance the roasting, freeing the operator from any task. it can roast any blend or single origin, from 250g up to 2kg of coffee per cycle, even continuous in sequence, through a constant and completely automated process: cooking, peeling, unloading and cooling of the coffee are managed autonomously by the roaster, without operators intervention.

Tostoio Futura Coffee Roasting Machine