Futura, the coffee roasting machine

Modern and simple to use. ‘Futura’ is our engineering innovation designed for artisan cafés, designed to enhance the roasting, freeing the operator from any task. it can roast any blend or single origin, from 250gr up to 2kg of coffee per cycle, even continuous in sequence, through a constant and completely automated process: cooking, peeling, unloading and cooling of the coffee are managed autonomously by the roaster, without operators intervention.

Automatic but professional. It is equipped with automatic pre-loaded cooking profiles designed by our experts, and thanks to the large touch display and internal control sensors, it is possible to monitor and manually change any cooking parameter at any time and even during roasting. It offers the possibility of saving new personalized cooking profiles and recall at any time those already saved. Available in PRO version, with inspection solution.

Elegant and customizable. “Futura” is entirely designed and produced in Italy, with resistant, certified and high quality materials: compact in size because it has been designed to work and be displayed directly on sight in the shop/café. It does not require permits, plants or gas because it is powered by electricity! The roaster is available and customizable in different colors.

Tostoio Futra Pro Coffee Roaster Machine
Tostoio Futura Control Panel

Control Panel

The control panel with a 15″ display allows you to configure, modify and monitor the entire coffee roasting phase in a simple and fast way. Thanks to its functionalities you will always obtain a homogenous roasting guaranteeing all the qualities and flavours of the coffee. Furthermore, it will be possible to intervene at any time in the cooking phase by setting the parameters according to your needs. The control panel is seperate from the “Futura” roaster to ensure greater freedom and convenience for the user. The device can be customised with logo of your business and available in different colours.

Made in Italy

“Futura” is entirely designed and produced in Italy and made with resistant and high-quality materials.


In just 18 minutes, you can roast up to 2 kilos of coffee per cycle, and even without any interruption.


Stand out from your competitors by creating your own-label product to offer to your customers.

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Designed for Professionals

  • Professional automated and constant roasting over time
  • Load from 250 Gr up to 2 Kg per cycle
  • Cycle duration: 12-20 minutes, even consecutive without interruption
  • Large touch display and internal sensors for live phase, temperature and roasting curve monitoring
  • Preloaded cooking programs, possibility to save others
  • Possible “manual” use by changing any parameter at any time
  • Automatic coffee ejection, cooling and peeling, no manual intervention necessary (but possible)
  • Innovative thermal pre-abatement system
  • Autonomous external cooling and removable collection drawer
  • PRO version with inspection solution
  • Double insulation: perfect thermal control and maximum safety for the operator
  • Minimum energy impact: ELECTRICALLY POWERED (no gas-no systems)
  • Compact dimensions (see technical data), bench-top
  • Customizable in colors
  • No authorisation required for installation
  • CE certified: built and designed in Italy with high quality materials (stainless steel)
Technical SpecificationsValue / Unit
Width – Height – Length65cm – 80,55cm – 80cm
Weightabout 75kg
Voltage110v – 220v – 380v
Capacity250g – 2kg