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We have a selection of raw, unroasted coffee beans for you to choose from. We source fine quality green coffees from around the world. Between gourmet, specialty and commercial-grade Arabica and Robusta. 


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green beans

All beans available in 60kg bags and 2kg bags.

Price List – Green Beans – Franco Caffe

Santos Mojana Good Cup
Bourbon – Specialty
Honduras SHG
Guatemala – Fine SHB
Guatemala – Acatenango – Specialty
Papua Nuova Guinea – Specialty
Etiopia Sidamo – Specialty
Colombia Supremo
Brazil Pulped Nat. Pergamino Sul De Minas- Fine Cup
Brazil Pulped Nat. Moca Pergamino Caracolito- Fine Cup
Brazil Cerrado Dulce NY2 17/18-Fine Cup
Costa Rica SHB Sandalj
Honduras SHG S. Jose’ Maresol
India Cherry AA (CR18)
India Cherry AB
Vietnam Blue Dragon
Java Large Bean
India Parchment Peaberry
Indonesia Java WIB1 Medium Bean
Indonesia Java WIB1 Large Bean
Indonesia Nat. EK Special ELB Handpicked
Vietnam Nat. Gr.1 16+
Vietnam Nat. Gr.1  16 Selected

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