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Franco Caffe aim to mix blend quality with clients’ needs and meet customers satisfaction, every time with good Italian quality.


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Franco Caffe Sublime


Its taste is full-bodied, refined and recalls chocolate. The cream with a fine texture has an intense color. An enveloping blend.

Franco Caffe Superbar


Best selection of Arabica and Robusta, blended to drink a balanced and harmonic coffee cup, with a nice and persistent cream hazelnut colored and with a soft and full-bodied taste.

Franco Caffe Aroma Classico

Aroma Classico

A blend of consistent cream and strong and firm character, with a pleasant chocolate aftertaste.

coffeelab UK

In addition to selling coffee beans, we also have the Franco Caffè and Kiri Biri coffee retail line. To allow lovers of our coffee, the enjoyment of having it at home, it’s grounded coffee, but with the same intense aroma, quality, and creaminess.

Franco Caffe Retail
Franco Caffe Retail
Franco Caffe Retail

about franco caffee

A young Italian company with many years experience in coffee born from their passion and emotions, we would like to diffuse good Italian espresso coffee’s culture, with all the best technologies and know because this is “The art of making and drinking coffee”.

The blends were born from the great master mixing of Central American arabicas and the best Asian’s and Africa’s robusta and from the slow roasting called “friar’s frock” while their passion and curiosity push them make new tests, experiments and tastings to control quality and give new proposals.

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